Who Dunnit?

The perfect night includes some combination of delicious food, cold drinks, friends, fun, laughs, and a little bit of intrigue. You can experience all of those things at the House of Blues Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre. The House of Blues is located less than half an hour from the Sun & Sand Resort. At some point in your three-course meal, a murder will occur, and for the rest of the evening, you will be in the middle of the investigation. Everyone in the room is a suspect, and in between jokes and laughs, observant guests can put together all of the clues to solve the mystery. If you have the investigational skills and you figure out who committed the crime, you may even receive a reward. Whether you find the murderer or not, the Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre is an exciting and fun experience. Be sure to reserve your place as soon as possible because this popular event sells out quickly.

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