Goings on at the Garden

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Even though it seems like 2019 has just gotten started, Spring is just a few weeks away. As a result, this March is the perfect time to participate in one of the many incredible events being offered at the Brookgreen Gardens Botanical Gardens. Located about 25 minutes from the Sun & Sand Resort, Brookgreen Gardens is a great place for the whole family to spend a day.

The fun starts on March 12 with the Dirt N’ Details Lecture Series where volunteers, staff, and outside experts will demonstrate new and interesting gardening techniques while also fielding questions from the amateur green thumbs in attendance. Next up is Presence on the Labyrinth on March 16 where a docent guides visitors through the maze and answers questions along the way. Finally, Brookgreen 101 will be offered on March 21. This monthly event features plenty of background information on the gardens, like collections, history, and art, as well as special guests and programs.  

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