Funny Fright Night

Halloween does not have to be all about scares and screams. In fact, some of the best Halloween experiences have fun with the spooky reputation of the haunted holiday. The Carolina Improv Company proves this point with their Funny Fright Night performance at the Uptown Theater which is only about half an hour from the Sun & Sand Resort. This unique Halloween performance will take place on October 27 and 28 for audiences 13 and above. Throughout the show, the performers will interact with the audience and even provide some treats if you can keep up with all of their tricks. The Carolina Improv Company is incredibly talented, and they really bring out their best for this holiday-themed night. Therefore, if you are looking for some Halloween fun that is different from the normal pumpkin patches and haunted houses, Funny Fright Night is just the show for you and your family.

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