A Patchwork Celebration

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The Horry County Annual Quilt Gala is one of the most popular and unique celebrations in the entire area. Now in its 26th year, the gala is a celebration of all the things that make quilts such a staple in American culture. This year’s gala will take place at the Horry County Museum, just 25 minutes from the Sun & Sand Resort. You will be amazed by all of the talented artists and their quilt displays in different competition categories including Small Wall Quilt, Medium Wall Quilt, Large Wall Quilt, Small Bed Quilt, Medium Wall Quilt, Large Wall Quilt, and Best in Show. If you fancy yourself skilled in the art of quilting, you too can participate in the gala and maybe have your quilt displayed with the other winners at next year’s gala. In addition to the competitions, there will also be special programs and demonstrations for visitors to enjoy.

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